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You can't achieve your dream body by just sweating it out. From 1:1 personalized obseity treatment considering personal health and environment to lifelong topical care. You need a tangible solution that keeps your beautiful body line without have to go back to your old body. The Body Design Project developed by Clear, the professional anti-aging clinic of 15 years! Clear Laser Body Clinic's program is managed by the best experts in the field, showing you the only way to get an unimaginable body line, despite your age.
Intensive management according to excessive body fat
Tone & Sculpt
Manage to get rid of cellulite and develop smoother lines
Problem Areas
We are on a quest for your dream body! Discover the best approach to tackling body fat.
Bridal Body Sculpting
Wedding day countdown for the ultimate pre-wedding body
Postpartum Care
Stretch marks! Saggy boobs! Loose skin! No worries!!! We'll get your body back, Hotter than ever!
Managing droopy skin
Diet after effect care, Let's tighten up your body!

Professional Experts'1:1 Custom Mix & MatchProgram

or Lifting


What Is Emsculpt? The Low-Down on the Magic Machine That Tones Muscles In a Flash

Fact: nobody's perfect; there's no such thing. But every body is beautiful because its yours and no one else's. And that sounds great. However, seeing yourself that way and loving your body can be challenging. Between all the pressure from societal body ideals and being our own worst critic, it can be difficult to achieve your personal physique goals or simply feel comfortable in your own skin.

What is CoolSculpting®?

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What is Body endermologie® and How Does it Work?

What is Body endermologie®? A safe, FDA-cleared massage treatment, Endermologie uses a patented roller system to reduce the appearance of cellulite. There’s no need for invasive surgery: you can leave the salon straight after your treatment!The treatment is 100% natural and uses no chemicals, and can be used to treat any area of the body – even the face.

"I found clear laser skin clinic while I was browsing online. Staffs were very nice and sweet and the consultation was free. Ashley gave me quick tour of the clinic, I've never seen any single practice with so many machines and all different kinds of treatment!!!! I decided to do Ulthera, Michelle was the physician who treated my face, through out the procedure she made me comfortable. Overall my experience was fantastic with Michelle, Ashley and all other staffs. If I ever have any other treatments, I'll definitely go Clear Laser skin clinic again. Highly recommended."
- Kerry Cook
"I have been going to this clinic for years to get fillers and botox done because it is the only place I could trust around this area. You could get a free consultation before any treatment and they will recommend you for anything you need and what you don't need. Highly recommend!"
- Grace C
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